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Export pipes and tubes to WONJIN(INDIA) Automotive Air-con. parts

Promoting Pipes and Tubes for auto-parts to JAPAN DENSO (TOYOTA)

Developed small diameter tube(4.5DX0.5T) for Electro-Automotive battery

Acquired Three million dollar export medal


Acquired One-million dollar export medal

Set up and invested to JIN-SUNG Co. Ltd, cutting & drawing the pipes

Acquired a patent for the method to color-marking pipe pin-hole

Acquired ISO 9001

Producing and export to Israel RAFAEL ultra big size forged tube

Concluded with Poong-San Co.Ltd Business partnership

Developed PFC Tube(A1100) Roll Type for automotive air-con

Producing pipes and Tubes(A3003) to Doowon for automotive air-con

Promoting Pipes and Tubes for auto-parts is under approval

 Acquired a vendor approval from Pyung San Indusry.

Acquired a vender approval from WinniaMando.

Developed Intercooler Tubes for automotive parts procured by Modin Korea, former WinniaMando

DS Turn to incorporate as DS Metal Co., Ltd. - CEO Mr. Seung Chul Hong

 Invested in setting an Eddy-current system for making qualified aluminum tubes

 Set up additional extrusion press (1250 tonnage) and moved to Sihwa Industrial Zone

 FATCO invested in D.S which acquired the certification of QS9000, producing Low and High pressure tubes for automotive components as air conditioner, Heater, Radiator etc.

Producing Aluminum parts machined to Lockheed Martin getting its approval.

Developed and Supplied Aluminum drawn tube used for Refrigerator heater with continuous drawing machines and began to produce various tubes for several main vendors of Korean major home appliances companies - LG Electronics, Dae Woo, Sam Sung.

FATCO concluded a joint venture with qualified manufacturers of aluminum material having various production lines as Casting, Extrusion, Die-casting, Forging, Forming, Machining, Coat & Plating and assembling line.

 Supplied Aluminum wire rod used for Co-axial cable and Insect screen.

Founded under the name of "Fine Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd." - C.E.O. Mr. Soo Chul Jung built a strong relationship with many qualified companies in Korea.

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