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The management and staff of Fine Aluminum Technology Company, dedicate themselves to the creation of a high level human welfare, in the future.

We accomplish this task through continuous communications with our associate manufacturers and our customers, in relation to state-of-the-art technology, quality products, better than competitive pricing and on-time delivery.


We define our mission as follows: To build an affluent future through our dedication and respect toward the global point of view in relation to energy and resource savings and environmental protection, based upon our industry’s related technology and it’s future development.


and Activities

Fine Alu Tech delivers a full line of various kinds of aluminum products ranging from aluminum materials to rolled sheets, extruded pipe & tubes,  profiles, sashes for buildings or houses, bars, rod & wires, forged , casting and fabricated parts.

 You can find out more details in our <BUSINESS FIELDS> and if you contact us we will do our best for your satisfaction.

We have many joint companies in domestic and abroad covering all over the world. If you are an aluminum manufacture as well as an customer then you can increase your sales volume and reduce the costs by affiliating with the member of Fine Alu Tech Business Network.

Thank you.

Soo-Chul Jung

President of Fine Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd.

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